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About Jetindexer

Hey there! I’m Ivan Radunovic, the solo founder behind Jetindexer.

Jetindexer is my solution to a problem many of us face: getting our content recognized and indexed by Google efficiently.

Background Story

I support hundreds of sites for my clients, and I’ve noticed that with each Google update, their pages are increasingly de-indexed or not indexed at all. The content on each site is high quality, so that’s not the issue.

I’ve discovered that Google crawlers need a little push to index all the pages efficiently. Once they’re indexed, they need daily monitoring.

Initially, I did this manually, but that didn’t last long. I soon started using the Google Web Indexing API and Search Console API.

Finally, I decided to create a SaaS around this script.

What Jetindexer Does

Jetindexer makes your content more visible to Google quickly and effectively.

On a daily basis, it checks every page of your site. If it finds a new page or one not present in Google Search Results, it submits it to the Google Web Indexing API.

As a result of the Jetindexer process, your pages will be indexed in under 48 hours and it will keep them indexed.

Why Jetindexer?

  • Straightforward and Friendly: I’ve built Jetindexer with simplicity in mind. It’s user-friendly, so you don’t need to be a tech expert to use it.
  • Quick Results: In the online world, speed is super important. Jetindexer works to get your content noticed by Google.
  • Personalized Support: When you use Jetindexer, you’re not just a customer but part of my journey. I’m here to help with any questions or challenges you might face.
  • Constantly Evolving: I’m tweaking and improving Jetindexer all the time based on feedback and new SEO trends.

Let’s Get Started!

Take control of how your content performs online.

Try Jetindexer today, no credit card is required and you can enable it on 3 sites with 400 daily indexing requests in a 5-day free-trial.

Ivan Radunovic – Founder